Macrophonics I – Brisbane Festival 2011

Artists: Donna Hewitt, Julian KnowlesWade MarynowskyTim Bruniges

Choreography: Avril Huddy

Macrophonics presents new Australian work emerging from the leading edge of where performance interface research is taking place. The program addresses the emerging dialogue between traditional media and emerging digital media, as well as the dialogue across a broad range of musical traditions. Due to recent technological developments, we have reached a point artistically where the relationships between media and genres are being completely re-evaluated. This program presents a cross-section of responses to this condition. Each of the works in the program foregrounds an approach to performance that integrates sensors and novel performance control devices and/or examine how machines can be made musical in performance. Containing works for voice, electronics, video, movement and sensor based gestural controllers, it critically surveys the interface between humans and machines in performance. From sensor based microphones and guitars, performance a/v, to post-rock dronescapes and experimental electronica; Macrophonics provides a broad and engaging survey of new performance approaches in mediatised environments.Julian Knowles and Donna Hewitt. Brisbane FestivalThe members of the core team all have strong individual practices in experimental music, sound and media arts at an international level.  Their work is fundamentally research based and engages with the challenges of performance in heavily mediatized contexts.  The proposed program features a number of works for different interfaces. One of these is the eMic (designed by Donna Hewitt) which allows the performer to manipulate their voice in real time by capturing their movements via sensing devices including pressure sensors, distance sensors, tilt sensors, ribbon sensors and a joystick microphone mount. The eMic has been attracting international attention. In a addition the program features works for guitar, sensors analogue tape machines and electronics by Julian Knowles, live a/v work by Wade Marynowsky (finalist in the Qld Premier’s National New Media Art Award) and Tim Bruniges (known for his work with post rock group The Dead Sea and Decoder Ring).

Research and development for the works has been supported by a range of institutions internationally, including the Australia Council for the ArtsArts QueenslandSTEIM (Holland) and the Nes Artist Residency (Iceland).  This project presents the culmination of a body of work developed by the artists throughout 2010-2012. The program premieres new works alongside works that have been premiered overseas, but not yet seen in Australia. Curatorially, it is rare to find a dedicated platform for this kind of work in Australia.